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Save the Date for March 2023

Join Us for Law Firm Libraries 2023
Hear The Latest Developments & Emerging Opportunities for the Law Firm Library
ARK Group's Law Firm Libraries conference brings together legal librarians and law firm professionals working in research, information services, and knowledge management, to learn the latest developments and emerging opportunities for the law firm library. With much to learn and discuss in the current landscape, Law Firm Libraries 2023 promises to create a safe, intimate atmosphere to arm attendees with best practices to raise the stature of their firm, win business, and get ahead in the career. 

Hear real-world examples from leaders in law library functions on how they are setting up their firms for success, plus participate in off-the-record discussions to benchmark best practices with other information services professionals. Leave the event with a toolbox of ideas and inspiration to provide the right knowledge, skills, and attributes to evolve in your role and organization.
Key Themes From the 2022 Program:

The Library's Evolving Role in Winning Business
Using Innovation to Your Advantage
Master the Hybrid Work Environment
Attract, Maintain, and Retain Top Talent

Who Should Attend

ARK Group's Law Firm Libraries is curated for those involved in managing law firm knowledge and information resources — including job functions such as:

  • Information Management & Services

  • Knowledge Management & Services

  • Library Services & Operations

  • Librarians

  • Digital Publishing & Services

  • Legal Content

  • Research Services & Development

  • Resources Management

  • Information Technology

  • Competitive Intelligence


Top Reasons to Attend

Check out some of the reasons attendees joined us for the 2022 event:

  • Communicate More EffectivelyGain tools and strategies from our keynote speaker to effectively communicate and negotiate in-person and virtually to achieve results and uplevel your career.

  • Capitalize on the Digital Shift: Discover best practices and lessons learned from a panel of firms to capitalize on the evolving digital shift.

  • Learn How to Create a Hybrid Work Environment: Learn from a panel of experts how to create a successful, collaborative hybrid work environment to ensure your firm is positioned for success.

  • Elevate the Librarian Role: Discover strategies and best practices to elevate the librarian role at your firm to demonstrate value and win business.

  • Understand the Best Use of APIsUnderstand how to successfully use APIs to leverage data and address information gaps.

  • Hear the Latest Technology: Learn which technology solutions will improve automation and provide effective reporting.

  • Navigate Vendor Relationships: Discuss how to navigate winning vendor relationships and develop a roadmap for customer service success.

  • Win the Talent War: Understand how to attract top talent during the "Great Resignation" and win the talent war.

  • Build Training Models for the Next Generation: Explore how to revamp training models to ensure longevity and nurture the next generation of library leaders.

  • Network with Law Firm Librarians: After years apart, enjoy face-to-face networking with other law firm librarians and legal professionals.