Conference Venue

University Club of New York-MAIN.png

The University Club of New York 
One West 54th Street
New York, NY 10019


Steeped in tradition, New York's premier social club offers unparalleled services from gracious dining and luxury accommodations, to extensive athletic facilities and the world's largest and finest club library. Designed in 1899, the prestigious University Club reflects a warm and welcoming ambiance and has one of New York's most stunning private spaces: the club's vaulted, frescoed library. Located in Midtown Manhattan, this is more than an architectural landmark. 

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Please note that the University Club of New York has a dress code in place that all conference attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and staff must follow.

Gentleman member and guests are required to wear jackets and dress shirts. Ties are recommended, but not required.

Lady members and guests are required to wear clothing meeting similar standards; specifically, tailored clothing that otherwise conforms to this rule, e.g. suits, dresses, or skirts and dress shirts or sweaters, or tailored pants with dress shirts and jackets, elegant sweaters or scarves of equivalent formality. Tailored pants paired with tailored/beaded tops may be worn without a jacket, sweater, or scarf. 

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The University Club has guidelines around electronic device usage on the property. Please familiarize yourself with these guidelines before arriving for Law Firm Libraries 2022.

All digital devices including cellular phones must remain silent in all public spaces in the Club House. Silent use means that all sounds on digital devices must be turned off and digital devices may not be used for oral communication. Passive use of handheld digital devices is permitted in the Percy Douglas Reading Room and the Dwight Lounge. Passive use means that text messages, emails, digital books and periodicals and other written material transmitted digitally may be read but typing on digital devices is prohibited. Active and silent use of all digital devices including laptops is permitted in the Library. Active use means that typing is permitted.

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